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PURCHASE! You may purchase CMP in multiples of 0.1 CMP. Each purchase is a separate CMP Contract. You may make multiple purchases of CMP. Each individual purchase of CMP (or a multiple of CMP) represents a separate CMP Contract. You may withdraw the Cryptocurrency mined by your CMP (under all CMP Contracts you have purchased) at any time that the value held in your Account exceeds USD$30. AWS Mining will remit your earnings to a digital wallet held with AWS Mining’s related company, MyCoinDeal. You may establish a digital wallet with MyCoinDeal at no cost at A CMP Contract automatically terminates when the value Mined under the CMP Contract first equals or exceeds the Maximum Return. Maximum Return means 200% return of the USD paid for a CMP Contract. AWS MINING will deduct the Service Fee (20%) from the Cryptocurrency Mined on your behalf before it is credited to your Account.